What each team needs to qualify to the quarterfinals

The second round of main round matches has just finished, and with it four teams have booked their places in the quarterfinals.

It should be mentioned that in the case of two teams or more tied in points, they will be arranged on the merit of their head-to-head result.

Group I

Hungary beat Poland, and Spain beat Uruguay and both sides thus confirmed qualification to the next round.

Hungary 8 (+37)

Spain 7 (+20)

Germany 4 (+31)

Poland 4 (+19)

Brazil 1 (-23)

Uruguay 0 (-84)

The top spot is still up for grabs though, and Spain will face Hungary with each side in with a shot.

Group II

Denmark have confirmed qualification after the win against Japan, and the surprising win for Argentina against Croatia allows both sides to have a standing chance of progressing.

Denmark 8 (+41)

Argentina 6 (0)

Croatia 5 (+8)

Qatar 4 (-4)

Japan 1 (-13)

Bahrain 0 (-32)

Denmark will top the group no matter what, and both Argentina or Croatia can catch up.

Argentina: A win or a draw against Qatar could do it for them, but a loss means elimination.

Croatia: They have to beat Denmark, and hope Argentina lose against Qatar.

Qatar: They need a win against Argentina, and hope that Denmark beat Croatia.

Group III

Three teams have a chance of qualification - France, Norway and Portugal.

France 8 (+10)

Norway 6 (+16)

Portugal 6 (+12)

Iceland 2 (+9)

Switzerland 2 (-9)

Algeria 0 (-38)

France need a win or a draw against Portugal, but a loss could complicate things for them. Portugal need a win, and goal difference in this case will determine whether Norway or France will come second. Norway need Portugal to lose or draw against France, as well as beat Iceland themselves.

If Portugal beat France, and Norway beat Iceland all three will be equal on 8 points, and in this case the two teams with the best head to head score will qualify. That would be Portugal, and if they beat France by a goal difference less than 7, France get second place. If it's more, then Norway get second place.

Group IV

Four teams go into the next round of matches with a chance of qualifying, that's Egypt, the Russian Handball Federation, Sweden and Slovenia.

Egypt 6 (+32)

Sweden 6 (+13)

RHF 5 (+13)

Slovenia 5 (+8)

Belarus 2 (-13)

North Macedonia 0 (-53)

Egypt play Slovenia and Sweden play the RHF.

Sweden could secure qualification with a win, while a draw could be enough for them to secure second place at least. If they lose, they are eliminated. In that case, Egypt v Slovenia will determine who gets first and second place.

Egypt need to win, or a draw can mean they qualify in second place depending on how Sweden do against the RHF. A loss means elimination. The RHF need to win to qualify, but they could still come second in that case. A loss or a draw will mean elimination. Slovenia have to win, anything less signals elimination.