What they said: Germany v Uruguay

Germany's Icelandic coach Alfreð Gíslason expressed his happiness after his side's 43:14 win against Uruguay, in their opening match of Egypt 2021.

"Uruguay played really well, especially their keeper who saved many shots," said Gíslason.

"I thank my players for going over to the keeper to congratulate him. I had a chance to try some of the reserve players after the gap widened between the two teams.

"Uruguay are a good team, but they have a few shortcomings in defence that we successfully exploited."

Uruguay manager Jorge Botejara described his side as 'fighters' as they dropped the first points available.

"We made a few mistakes, but we fought well against a team that have everything they need to get far in this tournament. My players have the desire to get past the first round in a group that has both Germany and Hungary.

"We will get ourselves ready for the match against Cape Verde, which should see us progress."