What they said: Argentina v DR Congo

The opening match of Group D saw Argentina take all points as they strolled to a 28:22 win, and their coach Manolo Cadenas couldn't have been happier.

"The game wasn't easy at all, we had a number of issues," said Cadenas.

"In the first period they had defensive issues, especially this being their first time in a world championship. We took the second period by storm and managed to get the win."

Keeper and man of the match Juan Bar was satisfied with his side's performance.

"Our performance was good, but it will get better as the tournament progresses. That usually happens. We are a strong offensive team.

DR Congo coach Francis Tuzolana had mixed feelings, unlike his counterpart.

"It's a weird feeling, losing our first ever world championship game," said Tuzolana.

"Our defence was good in the first period, but Argentina are a strong team. My team did well though, but we need to learn from our mistakes for the future."

Aurelien Tchitombi, DR Congo's center-back had words too: "We can't compare between this tournament and any other, this one is played in the middle of a pandemic and very strict measures over here. It's also our first ever participation."