An African team, against a South American team, lead by Spaniards: What we saw in Egypt v Chile

An African school of play against a South American school, yet both have a touch of Spanish in coaches Roberto Garcia Parrondo and Mateo Garralda.

The opening match was straightforward for the hosts, with Yehia Al Deraa opening the scoring in the tournament two minutes into the match.

Both teams defended the same way, a 6-0 line with high pressing and countering tactics.

The Egyptian team managed to defend well across the entire first period, conceding just 11 goals. The Chilean defence on the other hand suffered from the individual attributes of the Egyptians, many of whom successfully attempted long shots from outside the area.

At the start of the second half, the Egyptian national team sailed through eventually widening the gap to nine goals, with their intensity pushing the Chileans to the brink of disciplinary issues that culminated in one sending off - Javier Frelijj. The South American side rallied to find gaps in the hosts' defence and managed to exploit them a few times.

They eventually closed the gap from nine to five goals, but the change came too late.

Best player - Egypt: Yehia Al Deraa, six goals and six shots. 

Best player - Chile, Esteban Salinas, eight goals from his movement across the 6 meter line. Erwin Feuchtmann also did well, scoring seven goals from a variety of attacks from range, close and from breaks.