Volunteers' day one training in Administrative Capital done

The Egypt 2021 Volunteers Commission has ended the day one training for the assigned volunteers to the New Administrative Capital City venue.

The newly- built hall hosts groups B and F. Group B comprises of Poland, Brazil, Spain and Tunisia while Group F includes Morocco, Iceland, Portugal and Algeria.

Head of the Volunteers Commission Dr Sherif Abu El Enin and his assistants Mohamed Megahed, Islam Abdel-Aziz, Sherry Adel and Ihab Adel have met with the volunteers, where they focused on the importance of training for the role they will be playing during the organisation. They also emphasised that their impeccable performance will reveal the ability of Egypt as a nation capable of hosting major world sports events.

The 100-volunteers were divided into two groups, each going for a practical tour around the venue to get familiar with the entrances and exit gates of the venue they will be working in during the period from 13 to 31 January 2021.