Spotlight: Germany

Road to Egypt 2021: Germany reached the 27th Men’s Handball World Championship after the cancellation of the European qualifiers as they were ranked fifth at the Men’s EHF EURO 2020.

History: Germany made 24 appearances in the World Championship, claiming the title three times: in 1938, 1978, and 2007.

Coach: Alfreð Gíslason (ISL)

Squad List: TBD

Nickname: Die Nationalmannschaft

Germany are considered one of the most successful teams heading to Egypt 2021, having won three World Championships and two European Championship titles so far.

Germany made 10 appearances in the Summer Olympics, starting with their participation in 1936 where they took home the Gold Medal.

They have also participated in 24 editions of the Handball World Championship, notching their three wins in 1938, 1978, and 2007.

Die Nationalmannschaft reached Egypt 2021 after the cancellation of the European qualifiers, as they came fifth at the EHF EURO 2020.


Photo Credit: IHF