Alexandria applicants receive free transportation to Cairo

The Egypt 2021 Volunteers Commission has decided to provide the initially accepted applicants of Alexandria and the nearby cities, free round-trip transportation to Cairo on 4 and 5 October, for the second phase of the interviews process. In Cairo, the selected applicants are to sit for the second phase of the selection process as they go through interviews with the heads of the LOC commissions.

The interviews will take place at the Civil Education Center in Zamalek, Cairo.

The Volunteers Comission had announced the codes of the accepted applicants on the official website of Egypt 2021.

Check the accepted codes here

Head of the Volunteers Commission Dr Sherif Abu El Enin, opened up to Egypt 2021 official website saying; " The decision to provide transportation to the accepted applicants was an intiative from the Championship Director Hussein Labib, based on the clear role of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who is keen, under the leadership of Minister Dr Ashraf Sobhi, to provide all requirements needed for a successful event".

Abu El Enin added; " The reason to provide transportation is to make it easier and comfortable for the boys and girls who have to spend two days in Cairo for the interviews", he explained.

"Buses are to depart from the Ittihad Club of Alexandria at 10.30 and 11.30 during the two days. The applicants should be at the pick up station half an hour earlier from the departure time. An official from the Volunteers Commission will be available to liaise the journey of the buses", Abu El Enin said, adding that " Each applicant should stick and respect the date and time, in addition to following the safety health precautionary measures or they will not be allowed to board the bus".

Abu El Enin concluded that before leaving Alexandria, a check up will take place for each applicant including the individual code of each and the National security number to confirm the identity of each applicant.