Nasr: Volunteers are Egypt 2021 Backbone

Chairman of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the 27th IHF Men's Handball World Championship, Hesham Nasr said that volunteers contributing to the Egypt 2021 Championship are its 'Backbone'.

Speaking to media, Nasr, also President of the Egyptian Handball Federation, he was quoted saying, " I am pleased with the level performance of the Volunteers Commission, headed by Dr Sherif Abu El Enin, especially in the procedures of selecting the best calibres who would work in this major event," he said, adding, " I am happy with the atmosphere I saw at the Olympic Center, where interviews have been held."

"It feels good witnessing a young generation so attached to the sport and how knowledgeable, well represented and organised with a focus on tiny details regarding the instructions of the LOC while attending the interviews until they finish and leave the premises."

Nasr's statements came while visiting the center today to check the work of the Volunteers Comission and acknowledge the latest developments in the commission in general.

The Chairman of the Egypt 2021 LOC released a comment saying, " Interviews are being held in an extremely professional manner. The questions are neutral and the members of the commission are so civilised and their questions were professional and transparent." Nasr said.

The EHF President believes that the Volunteers Commission has a very important role in the Championship, " Volunteers are considered as the backbone of the Championship. They know exactly their roles and duties and they are aware that their mission is to facilitate anything to the participating teams and guests, in addition to working on facing challenges and solving any problems that might occur during the tournament."

The Egypt 2021 LOC Chairman admitted that the Volunteers performing their duties perfectly and impeccably gives a positive impression on the capabilities of the Egyptians in organising successful sports events.

He concluded by thanking the members of the committee for their effort in the selection process to ensure selecting the right candidates as the best ambassadors to Egypt.