IHF President Moustafa in gratitude to the Egyptian government

IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa, thanked the Egyptian government for hosting the 27th edition of the IHF Men's Handball World Championship.

"It is my pleasure to be here among you to celebrate the Draw ceremony. I also want to express my gratitude to the government of Egypt for taking the challenge and hosting this event. Many thanks to Prime Minister Dr Moustafa Madbouly and Minister of Youth and Sports Dr Ashraf Sobhy for all the effort they have done to guarantee delivering a great event especially in the fields of halls' construction, infrastructure and all preparations required.' He said

Hassan also revealed that he had invited the President of the International Olympic Committee to attend the World Championship in Egypt. 'I have just receieved a call from him hours ago in which he informed me that he accepts my invitation and that he would be here in January for the big event.' Moustafa revealed.

'I hope by next January, the World Championship, will become the light at the end of a current dark tunnel'.

'Nowadays, we live amid the conronavirus pandemic and it is not over yet and nobody knows when it will end. Therefore, we have no choice but to adapt and live with the current situation.'

' The Egyptian government has insisted on going on with the organisation of the Championship in time, despite the hard circumstances surrounding the event. They have accepted the challenge with taking the necessary preventive measures and precautions. For that, I thank them and look forward to a successful event.

'We will consider and apply all the necessary medical measures to ensure the safety of everyone. These measures will be applied as of day one upon the arrival of the teams and until their departure back home to their countries.'