All you need to know about Egypt 2021 Draw Ceremony

We are a few hours to go for the 27th IHF Men's Handball World Championship- Egypt 2021.

Here is what you need to know before the draw;

The ceremony begins at 7 pm, Cairo Local Time (clt), on Saturday 5 September at the Giza Pyramids Plateau. The event will be presented by the renowned TV presenter Jasmin Zaki, actress Ingy el Mokadem and actor Khaled El Nabawy.

Egypt's famous international musician Omar Khairat will perform at the event, which will witness the attendance of only 134 persons according to the medical precautionary measures of the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, 30 of the 32 teams have qualified to the Egypt 2021, which will be the first edition to host 32 nations for the first time in the Championship's history

Egypt 2021 – Teams

Draw Procedures

The championship will be the first time an IHF World Championship features 32 teams in the newly-expanded format. 30 of the 32 teams are already confirmed with just the winners of the South and Central America Handball Confederation (SCAHC) Last Chance Qualification Tournament and North America and The Caribbean Handball Confederation (NCAHC) Men’s Championship to be decided.

The 32 teams will initially be spread across eight preliminary groups, featuring four teams each. The top three teams in each group (24 in total) will then progress through to the main round, with the bottom team in each group (8) moving into the President’s Cup. 

The 24 main round teams will be divided into four groups of six teams each with the top two from each moving into the quarter-finals, ahead of the semi-finals and final.

In the draw, four pots – numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 – will feature eight teams each, according to seeding:

Pot 1: Denmark (DEN), Spain (ESP), Croatia (CRO), Norway (NOR), Slovenia (SLO), Germany (GER), Portugal (POR), Sweden (SWE)

Pot 2: Egypt (EGY), Argentina (ARG), Austria (AUT), Hungary (HUN), Tunisia (TUN), Algeria (ALG), Qatar (QAT), Belarus (BLR)

Pot 3: Iceland (ISL), Brazil (BRA), Uruguay (URU), Czech Republic (CZE), France (FRA), Republic of Korea (KOR), Japan (JPN), Bahrain (BRN)

Pot 4: Angola (ANG), Cape Verde (CPV), Morocco (MAR), SCAHC 4, DR Congo (COD), Poland (POL), NACHC 1, Russia (RUS)

One team from pot 1, pot 2, pot 3 and pot 4 will be drawn into each of the eight preliminary groups, starting with teams in pot 4 being drawn into row 4, followed by pot 3 into row 3 and then pot 1 into row 1.

Once this part of the draw has been completed, Egypt, who are in pot 2 and row 2, then have the right as hosts to assign themselves to a group of their choice. After Egypt have decided which group they want to be in, the remaining seven nations are then drawn, completing the draw. 

EGY 2021 draw procedure

How to watch

The ceremony will be broadcasted live through Egypt’s Local Channel 1, On Time Sports, IHF website and social media, and Egypt 2021 website and social media.