Egypt push Denmark to the brink but miss out

Fate had it that one of the most remarkable matches be played in the quarter-final stage of the tournament, as Egypt almost sprung up one of the biggest surprises so far by nearly knocking out 2019 champions Denmark at the Cairo Stadium Sports Hall after an extra four periods of play were required to separate the hosts and the former champions, who took a nail-biting 39:38 win to advance to the semifinals.

Egypt took the lead for a vast portion of the first period, with Denmark only taking the front foot on 18 minutes as both sides spent some time with horns locked in a draw.

The Danes eventually broke away with the lead towards the end of the first 30 minutes. Egypt's Mohamed El Tayar had a number of saves his team can thank him for while Denmark's Magnus Saugstrup put on an exemplary show, firing in five goals. The period ended with a score of 16:13 to the Danes' favour.

The second period saw a fiery opening 10 minutes, with Egypt clawing back and regaining the lead as both sides attempted to gain the upper hand, with some of the period spent by Denmark playing catch up as Egypt held on to their slender lead.

With the final five minutes of the match looming, Denmark took the lead for the final time through Anders Zachariassen while Egypt kept themselves in the match by drawing level several times, succeeding in doing so in the final seconds while also missing a final second chance to take the win. The period ended 28:28.

Denmark took control of the first two extra time periods, keeping the difference at two goals for much of it with Egypt limited to sneaking in consolations. A final 7m throw converted by Sanad gave the Egyptians the draw that took them to the second two periods. Denmark's Mikkel Hansen was sent off for time wasting.

Egypt Ibrahim El Masry was sent off too in the fourth period of extra time, shortly before El Tayar conceded as Magnus Landin ended things with a 7m throw.

A penalty throw-off ensued, with Egypt missing two shots to Denmark's one, giving the latter the advantage.

Player of the match was chosen as Egypt's Ali Zein, who scored five goals.

Denmark stand to face the winner from the quarter-final match between Spain and Hungary, while Egypt stand to get placed anywhere from 5th to 8th depending on the scores of other losing quarterfinalists.